Honorable Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founder of the Universal Peace Federation Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, distinguished guests.

The health situation which has put the international community in a state of emergency led me to cancel the trip to Seoul I was preparing myself for.

It is with the deepest regret that I was not able to join you personally as I had planned.

I would like to thank my Korean counterpart President Moon Jae In for all the preparations he made for my visit.

It is with deep reverence that I salute the memory of Rev. Sun Myung Moon whose centenary we celebrate this year.

He was a visionary leader and the inspiration behind the Universal Peace Federation.

I would like to offer my highest esteem to the honorable Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

For several decades, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon has been the embodiment of incredible kindness.

Her life demonstrates a profound heart of superlative commitment to the cause of peace and the well-being of humanity.

Her unique ability and lifelong dedication to comfort those in need is leading to the realization of a harmonious global community filled with love.

Her dedication deserves our unending respect and admiration.

I would like to once again extend to her my respect and esteem.

I see the members of the Universal Peace Federation as my associates.

Ladies and gentlemen, in these times of turbulence and uncertainty, there is no task more urgent than fostering dialogue to allay tensions, promote mutual understanding and support the peaceful coexistence of people.

It is with this spirit that in January 2018, Senegal welcomed the inaugural Africa Summit of the Universal Peace Federation.

It is with this similar spirit that I humbly accept the Sunhak Peace Prize that you have awarded me.

It is with humility that I accept this prize because to me, this award is not an end in itself but an encouragement to persevere in the culture of peace and human kinship.

I accept this prize with humility because I recognize the essential blessing this prize brings to the people of Senegal.

Every member of the Senegalese people has always harbored a profound sense of togetherness in their diversity.

This prize is greater than my humble self. it is a prize that honors the people of Senegal and I would like to dedicate it to the people of Senegal.

As I accept this award, I think about all those whose peace is usurped by violence and the vicissitudes of life.

I think about the victims of war and terrorism, about refugees and displaced people, about those suffering from xenophobia and racial discrimination simply because of their origin or the color of their skin. Peace is fragile.

When society is characterized by indifference and the madness of self-centeredness, this society cannot take care of those most in need.

Peace is threatened when extremism of all types manipulates the conscience of people and turns faith into activism to feed ideologies of conflict.

Peace is threatened when some believe they are imbued with the mission of forcing unto others a unique ideology of action and existence.

This stands at odds with the diversity of cultures and civilizations.

It is for all these reasons that we must defend the ideal of a better world for all.

That is why, in agreement with the African Union Commission, I have decided to donate the entire amount of 500,000 USD of the Sunhak Peace Prize to the peace fund of the African Union. I hope for this to promote efforts to realize peace continentally.

This is why, as a laureate of the Sunhak Peace Prize, I will endeavor to stay faithful to the ideal that unites us.

I will endeavor to pursue together with you, our common efforts for the peaceful coexistence among people, cultures and civilizations.

I wish tremendous success at your gathering.